Our Programs

Preschool - Ages 2 1/2


Our preschoolers are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet through creative projects, lessons and hands on activities. All the children are exposed to various opportunities to learn and grasp the essentials every child should know such as socialization and cooperation and sharing skills. Basic letter and number concepts are introduced as well as learning the basics of writing letters and numbers. Color and shape identification is learned through craft projects and various exercises.

Preschool - Ages 3-5


Our Preschool and Pre-K children follow the Land of the Letter People program. The Land of the Letter People is a thematically organized curriculum focusing on building phonological/phonemic awareness and letter identification while recognizing every 4 year old’s need to explore and develop through play. This program promotes oral language, print awareness, phonological/phonemic awareness, alphabetical knowledge, and word recognition and vocabulary development. We also use the Number People curriculum to introduce numbers and number concepts in the classroom.



Our Kindergarten Program follows the Land of the Letter People and the reading program “SIPPS” (Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics and Sight words). This program teaches decoding efficiently and effectively with lessons in phoneme awareness, basic phonics, sight words, and daily applications of reading of stories and guided spelling. Math lessons encompassing number recognition, matching, graphing, and working up to simple addition and subtraction are done every afternoon. Science, social studies and health lessons are also incorporated into the day.