Each week will be a different fun and exciting theme.  The crafts, snacks and games will all be geared around the theme of the week. Children ages 2 1/2 to 6 are welcome to be part of the summer program. We will have a wide variety of activities this summer for your children.  Many guests will be at Little Scholar presenting various programs especially geared for preschool aged children during the summer months. The children have enjoyed the program in the past, and we look forward to another successful summer.
Nature All Around June 27 - July 1 Fun with nature (plants and animals). The children will be planting vegetables, learning about small animals and the environment all around us.
July 1 - Essex County Environmental Center; Sensory Survival. Use all your senses to explore how plants and animals survive in the wild. Investigate how life cycles and food webs determine how plants and animals adapt to their surroundings, (ages 3-6).
Take Me Out To The Ballgame July 5-8 Silly sports and games. Let’s Play!!!
Tentative trip to see a Newark Bears game.
Reading is Fun
(The Imaginative World of Books)
July 11-15 A new book each day will be read to the children and from those books, games, crafts and snacks will be born.
Curious Cooks In The Kitchen July 18-22 Chef Robin from Sweet Blossoms Catering will be cooking up a surprise treat on 7/19 while we will be creating some other delicious treats during the week.
Sizzling Science July 26-30 Be a crazy professor for a week while we do a different crazy experiment each day Mad Science will be here on 7/29 to teach the children all about their sense of touch. Is it sticky, slimy, hot or cold? Let’s find out!
Let's Move August 1-5 Eating healthy and being physically active is important for our bodies. The children will learn how to eat healthy, make some healthy treats and MOVE
Down On The Farm August 8-12 Quiver Farms will provide us with an incubator and 12 un-hatched chicken eggs. The children will learn how to take care of the eggs while waiting for them to hatch into baby chicks!

Egg/incubator delivery will be August 1.

Curious Creatures August 15-19 The children will be learning about different animals all around us. A representative from Wild Discoveries will bring some curious creatures for us to learn about.
Out Of This World August 22-26 The children will learn about the world of space. They will be making planets and rockets. Mad Science will be here on 8/26 to take the children on a ‘field trip’ through the Solar System where they will become an Astronaut in Training.
The Sea And Me August 29 - September 2 End the summer with beach fun.